Our Approach

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a counselor or counseling practice in the greater New Orleans area. We’re here to explain how we’re different from other counselors, and why you might consider seeing us versus someone else.

Treating You As a Whole Person

We offer what we like to call a holistic approach to counseling services for mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, or depression. We want to treat the whole you, teach you self-care, and get you on the path to overall wellness.

We know that many people who are experiencing a mental health condition don’t seek help because they don’t want to see a psychiatrist or take psychotropic medications.

We understand, and we believe that many people can be treated without medication, or that the counseling we do can do the groundwork or even reduce the need for medication until a later point if you do decide to take medication.

An Alternative to Traditional Psychiatry

When you look at our staff page, you’ll notice that we don’t have any psychiatrists in our office. That’s not because we don’t think they’re important – we certainly recognize that psychiatrists are an important part of a treatment plan for certain individuals.

However, we take a more natural approach to mental wellbeing and believe that counseling can be groundbreaking and be the biggest piece of the puzzle to getting back on the path to wellness for many.

And if you decide after working with us that medication is your next step, we’re happy to provide referrals to a variety of local doctors, including general practitioners, OB-GYNs (for women with pregnancy-related or postpartum mood disorders), and psychiatrists.

What are Counseling Sessions with Us Like?

Many people who come to us have never gone to counseling before, so they’re understandably curious about what our counseling sessions are like.

When you come to us for counseling, our focus is on helping you be the best version of yourself possible and guiding you through whatever mental health challenges you’re currently facing.

Your relationship with us will start with intake, which can take place either over the phone or through an initial contact form. We do this process so we can learn more about you, the challenges you’re currently facing, and if you have any preferences for a counselor of a specific gender.

Once we know more about you, we match you with a counselor we feel is best suited to help you throughout your mental health journey. Some of our counselors have specialties, for example, so we try our best to match patients with counselors who have specialties in their particular challenge area.

We also have a very popular counselor, Sawyer Finn, our resident therapy dog! He has been a welcome addition to my team of counselors and has even acquired his own client list of those interested in his emotional support.

He is amazing and intuitive in his work with those suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD, offering his head, paw or his whole body as a source of comfort. When clients become upset, he will abandon whatever he is doing to place himself near them to help reduce their symptoms. He puts his work with clients at the utmost priority in order to help them move past their struggles.

Click Here to Meet Our Counselors & Therapists

Your first counseling session will be an opportunity for you and your counselor to get to know one another, for you to briefly share your store, as well as the goals you have for counseling. From there, you and your counselor will work on preparing a unique, personalized counseling plan to bring your back to a point of wellness.

Your ongoing counseling sessions will be focused on following your counseling plan and meeting your counseling goals. But remember, we’re flexible! We know that different circumstances come up, so our counselors are prepared to shift focus at any time during your journey together to an area of your life that requires immediate attention.

Connect With Us to Get the Process Started

As the old saying goes, a 1,000-mile journey begins with a single step. If you’d like to inquire about our counseling services, we’re here to speak with you. You can fill out our online contact form or call us at (504) 302-7771.